Things You Probably Need to Be A Voice Actor. Part Three: Your Face, This Internet

A Photo Of Your Face


But I’m a voice actor! Why do I need a picture of my face?

Well this isn’t true, is it? You are not only a voice. You’re not even mostly a voice.

What you are, is a business start up, providing a personal service.

You’re a nice person, a real person, someone who is easy to work with, who will help the client through a relatively unknown industry. And social media folk will tell you, a face stops the thumb scroll. 

I didn’t know all this when I started out, I just had a feeling that a photo was probably a good idea.

I should mention that this is controversial advice. A large percentage of my pals in the industry choose to use a logo over a photo - they don't want to be pigeonholed into whatever specific type of work their face might doom them to. I don't think producers need this sort of hand holding but I might be wrong. In the end, go with what feels right for you and your brand.

One of my first head shots was taken by a friend who worked as a photographer at a makeover and family portrait studio. She very kindly agreed to take my photo for free but it took most of the session to convince her that I didn’t really want my hair to be blown around by a desk fan, or to be cheekily resting my chin on my palm. I just wanted a nice picture of my face in which I didn’t look too scary. We got there in the end… or so I thought...

A while later, after a hundred thousand people had told me I didn’t look anything like my photo, I arranged a new one with a different studio.

The thing is, professional studios - unless they specialise in actors’  head shots - refuse to believe you when you say you just want a photo of your face. 

You say: “Will you accept £x for a photo of my face in the style of an actor’s headshot? 

They hear: “Mumble mumble mumble please take hundreds of photos of me in different poses so that you can try and get me to buy them for my mum mumble”.

What a palaver. If you can afford it, hire a specialist. It’ll save you a lot of awkward conversations and post-shoot cropping. And your mum will love it.

A Website


You need somewhere to send people if they’re interested in hearing your voice. Something easy to navigate, clean looking and modern, that tells people what they need to know about what you can offer and how they can get it. 

Before this magical site you see before you, I had a few ill fated and rather clunky looking interim sites. It was a bit like having a shop window draped in dusty fashions from the 1990s, I mean, I’m all for combat trousers with dangly straps but they aren’t going to instil anyone with confidence in your vocal abilities.

Squarespace is a good one, there are others too. Sure, you could have someone design something for you, but best to manage the whole thing yourself, I think. 

Your website will never be finished, there’s always a new idea to play around with, and if you have to keep asking that guy off Gumtree to change things it’s going to be annoying, and expensive.

So far, so fantastic. But now what? Check back next week to find out “What Next?"

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